What Others Are Saying

“If I had known more about the benefits [of Dr. Bo’s care] I would have come sooner!” — Michele

“Dr. Bo’s technique is very effective. Plan and scheduling is excellent for planned and unplanned visits.” — Jack

“All the kids are healthier and more active. The best part is they love coming. I tell them it’s Dr. Bo day and they race to get their coats and shoes on. Our four-year old told us visiting Victory Chiropractic is ‘better than Silver Dollar City!’”— Nicole

“I am very grateful for the physical healing and I also enjoy the encouragement and uplifting atmosphere.” — Joshua

purposeful compassion + deliberate affirmation = principled chiropractic

Meet Dr. Bo & Tami

Dr. Bo graduated in August 2008 from Parker College of Chiropractic in Texas.  He spent 1½ years serving in Amarillo as an associate for a high volume wellness office.  He served around 1200 people each week, which helped him acquire invaluable skills.  Dr. Bo’s background includes 4 years of Naval Service, 3 years managing a health/nutrition center, as well as acquiring certifications as an EMT, Personal Trainer and a BS in Health & Wellness…

The Victory Community!

We want Victory to be an expression of love from the moment you walk in the door, or the moment you call us on the phone. We see the Victory Community as a being with life — a living organism! Community is all about growing and sharing together. — Tami Bandy

I want to give people their power back. We have given our power away as a culture. We have given our power to the people who tell us we need to take a pill in order to be healthy. We have given our power to the people who say, “We’re the only ones who understand how your body works.” I want to give people the power to make good choices and live a better expression of life. — Dr. Bo Bandy

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“Chiropractic is not about figuring out what is wrong with you. It’s about restoring what is right within you.”