Our Stories

Nothing makes us happier than seeing beautiful success in our Victory Family! We would love to have you join us today!
— Dr. Bo and Tami Bandy

Just ask our Practice Members what a difference an adjustment from Dr. Bo makes!

Meet Our Beautiful People!

“All the kids are healthier and more active. The best part is they love coming. I tell them it’s Dr. Bo day and they race to get their coats and shoes on. Our four-year old told us visiting Victory Chiropractic is ‘better than Silver Dollar City!'”— Nicole
“So many reasons to visit here! Excellent top-notch care and service!” — Joanna

Fun Times at StateoftheOzarks Fest!

“Tami and Bo are funny and nice. I was nervous but it was actually fun. Chiropractic Rocks!” — Samantha, 9 years old
“After a month or so I found increased strength in my arms, legs and shoulders. I was relunctant to try chiropractic but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Dr. Bo and Tami are a true blessing.” — James

“My balance has improved greatly.” — Maurice

“I have completely overcome all that was bothering me. No more migraines or constant pain.” — Jacklyn

“The pain in my neck receded and all my other symptoms went south too. The people here always treat you with hospitality.” — Todd

“All my back pain is gone.” — John

“Blood pressure has returned to normal.” — Ronald
“So far this year I’ve hardly used any medications for allergy symptoms. Dr. Bo rocks and Mrs. Tami is great.” — Brian

Beautiful Victory!

“My allergies didn’t bother me at all this year except for the occasional sneeze. I can’t remember the last time I had a headache. I attribute this to my body being in better alignment, thus healing itself and letting my body work better, or simply how it is supposed to.” — Brandon

“I am very grateful for the physical healing and I also enjoy the encouragement and uplifting atmosphere.” — Joshua

“Dr. Bo and Miss Tami make you feel as part of their family and want to see you get better and feel better.” — Marlo

“My immune system is 100% improved! I don’t catch every illness that comes my way and if I do get sick, the duration is greatly reduced. I feel so much better now that I see Dr. Bo every week.” — Elizabeth

“I’ve been sleeping more and I feel great. I look forward to getting adjusted.” — Kristina

“Dr. Bo has made a real difference in the way my neck and back feel.” — Jim

“We enjoy being part of the Victory Chiropractic Family.” — Justin and Shauna

“Knees no longer hurt, no more back pain, hips no longer hurt, and I can sleep on my stomach again — and sleep better. I’m no longer taking anti-inflammatory medicine.” — Shelia

Community + Love = Victory!

“Dr. Bo’s technique is very effective. Plan and scheduling is excellent for planned and unplanned visits.” — Jack

“I was able to sit in an uncomfortable chair through several hours of classes without a migraine.” — Kimberly

“Dr. Bo and Tami are wonderful, caring people. The business concept is great! The adjustments are effective and handy.” — J.B.

“If I had known more about the benefits [of Dr. Bo’s care] I would have come sooner!” — Michele

Authentic People = Victory!